IBJJF Rome International Open & European Open No-GI

Although the Rome International Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship and the European Open Championship No-Gi took place last year on 29-30th of June 2013, I never had the chance to write an article about it and it was also my first chance to represent my new sponsor Mokahardware.com.

First day of the championship was Saturday and this was the Rome Open (with gi). I fought in the first match of the Black Belt Master lightweight division and since we where only 3 competitors that meant I had two chances to reach the final. My first match which was also the semifinal I lost to a really game opponent from the UK and he managed to win on a ref decision after a 4-4 (1-1) score. First time i ended up in a 50/50 position in a tournament also. In my second match which was also the semifinal I lost 2-0 on a sweep. A bit dissapointed in the overall result as both matches could have gone my way had I insisted and pushed forward. So after two hard fought matches that I lost I ended up winning a Bronze medal.

On the second day of the championship it was the European Open No-Gi and again we were only 3 people in my weight which mean two semifinals as I was set to go in the first match, which I ended up winning 9-0 putting me in the final where I lost to a really good guy from Brazil who beat me 10-0. So a silver medal in the European Open No-Gi Championship.


mokahardware-podium nogi-podium

New school – Artesuave.dk / Checkmat

I have decided to join ArteSuave.dk one of the biggest and strongest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Denmark and also part of the worldwide Checkmat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team.

I would like to thank Shimon Mochizuki and my new training partners at ArteSuave for really accepting me into their group and I look forward to train and compete along side my new team!

On a sidenote I will also be teaching all the Tuesday 18.00-19.30 mixed classes.