AOJ Academy, Huntington Library and Botanic Garden & American Nationals

Time flies when you’re having a good time and to think that more than a week has passed already is just crazy. So what have I been up to, or what have Anders and I been up to… Well, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Art of Jiu-Jitsu Academy of course and checking out some awesome sites in California with our two new friends from Norway, Espen Mathiesen and Tommy Langaker, who are both purple belts and extremely dedicated and talented guys with an open mind to learn anything you show them. They will be spending 3 months at the AOJ Academy and after that they plan on spending another 3 months here next year before the World Championships in 2015. As Rener Gracie would say, DAAAAAAAAANNNNNG. That’s dedication for you! . .. And also I went to my first all nude strip-club. Anders talked me into it. I won’t give you any specifics other than it was a fun experience, but not something I will do again anytime soon. 🙂
Unfortunately Anders got injured in his right bicep (“pussy”, as our new Norwegian friends Espen and Tommy would say) so he has not been able train too hard at the AOJ academy, but I have been training as much as I have been able to and so far it’s been a great experience.nd speaking of the competition classes which has been absolutely amazing when it comes to training and sparring and super tough as the humidity in California is crazy this time a year, which means I’m burning out way too fast. Ayways I’ve gotten the chance  to train with some of the awesome competitors at the academy like Mason, Rick, Gustavo and also Professor Gui Mendes who just annihilated me, and I also got to train with Ty Ruotolo who is one of the super cool Routolo twins that you can get to know better in this youtube video. And here’s a few pictures from the academy.

Training with Ty Routolo

Group Picture after Open Mat. Shane, Espen, Myself, Tommy and Anders

After a tough competition training. Tommy, Myself, Gui Mendes, Anders and Espen




Then to do something different I suggested to Anders that we go check out the The Huntington Library and Botanic garden where they have an awesome Chinese garden and a Japanese garden. Sometimes it’s hard to describe the awesomeness that you see so instead I will let the pictures do the talking, so down below you will find two picture galleries from the botanic garden, one with all the great views and gardens and one with some of the amazing bonzai trees from the Japanese garden. Check it out!

The gardens. Click on the image to scroll through the +15 image gallery.

Bonzai trees from the Japanese garden. Click the image to scroll through the +10 image gallery.

Yesterday (today is Sunday 7th of september) we went to the American Nationals at the California State University in Dominguez Hills, Carson, to see some of the guys from the AOJ academy compete. It was a great chance to see some of the up and coming talent from some of the best competition schools in the Los Angeles area like Cobrinha’s, Atos in San Diego, Gracie Barra etc.
We got some lunch at Subway nearby and next to the Subway there was a “Hotdog on a Stick”, and then you might ask yourself why they would have sell a hotdog on a stick, isn’t a hotdog fine as it is. Well our conclusion was quite simple…… BECAUSE ‘MEEERICA, THAT’S WHY!
Hotdog on a Stick



And of course later in the day we saw the black belt divisions with Keenan Cornelious, who will be conducting a seminar on the 26th of September at the school I train at in Denmark, JT Torres, Eduardo Telles, Caio Terra, Sinistro, Tanner Rice and Oswaldo “Queixinho”. I got to see Keenan’s amazing worm guard in action where he finished one oppoent with a reverse-worm-guard armlock, pretty slick 🙂 And also Keenans fight with Eduardo Telles was really cool, Eduardo Telles is no joke that’s for sure. He’s like 38-39 years old and still competing with the best guys out there and winning. I think he lost with two points against Keenan. JT Torres had a cool match wih Tanner Rice that I recorded on my phone and also JT Torres’s final match against Sinistro was awesome with a sweeeet choke to finish the match. I wanted to record more matches but as I arrived at the event I found out my memory card for my camera was sitting in my computer back in Mission Veijo, DOH. 🙂

Anyways, it was a nice day in company with Anders, Espen and Tommy and we ended the day getting some Pizza.

Sinistro vs JT Torres

Keenan vs Eduardo Telles

Back in California and The Land of Oportunity, YAY!

Finally I am back in California and this time with my good friend and training partner Anders Rosendal, who got promoted to black belt a few weeks ago. We will spend our time here training two weeks with Rafael and Gui Mendes at the Art of Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Costa Mesa. Today is monday and we arrived here Thursday evening and had our first training at the academy on Friday where we joined the 10.30 am competition class and oh my, what an experience especially with lack of energy and a bit of jetlag. I got run over pretty badly and basically spend 95% of the time just defending and avoiding being submitted. The mindset in the competition training was basically “submit you opponent as many times as possible, if you can submit 10 times you do it. Keep pushing, keep moving and be aggressive”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do any of the things and as I wrote just spend every second more of less defending. The class took everything out of me and I more or less ran to the cold shower as soon as the class was over. 🙂

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