Fight day at the European Open Championship 2015

Yesterday I fought in the black belt master 1 featherweight division and I the black belt master 1 open class and surprised myself by reaching the final of my weight division and unfortunately lost in the open class. Overall I stepped on the mat 5 times winning 3 matches and losing 2. Besides my own matches I also fought side by side with my teammates from ArteSuave and of course Juninho,  who has been running the training camp back home in Denmark leading up to the championship. It was an awesome experience being in the bullpen (warmup area for the competitors) with Juninho and just sharing the excitement of competing, be it winning or losing. Either way it doesn’t really matter what happens as long as we learn from our mistakes and try to correct them. And in the end we all help each other grow both as individuals and as a team, and most importantly and not to be forgotten, as human beings.


Before I post all my matches I’d like to share an interesting oberservation about the European Open Championship and other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in general,  but especially the Europeans. It’s one of the reasons I love and appreciate being part of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. So here it goes; we have 3400 competitors fighting from all over the world, they will all compete over a period of 5 days in the same stadium, every single competitor knows how to break an arm or shoulder and choke some unconscious and you will see many tough looking  guys who match the general conception of what a tough guy looks like. Big muscles, shaved head, tattoos, wearing MMA/BJJ branded clothing.  You name it, the prototype of what the general public sees as a bully, street fighter etc. is here in this stadium.

So with this in mind I find it absolutely amazing that all you feel is just peace, love and harmony when you’re in the stadium. Everybody is so nice and friendly and helpfull. You see the toughest looking guys and girls but as soon as you take the time to talk to them they all open up and share their experiences in a positive way. We might have travelled from all over the world to compete/fight but it’s on the mat and that is where we keep it. Other than that it’s all about connecting with likeminded people and sharing a beautiful experience every year in January in the beautiful city of Lisbon. I can’t wait to be back next year with all my teammates from ArteSuave / CHeckmat.

Here’s my 5 matches from the European Open Championship.

First match in Black Belt / Master 1 / Featherweight

Second match in Black Belt / Master 1 / Featherweight

Semifinal / third match in Black Belt / Master 1 / Featherweight

Final / fourth match in Black Belt / Master 1 / Featherweight

My only match in the Open Class