Competed at the Swedish Open 2015

I competed in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Swedish Open this last November where I fought in the -76kg adult black belt division and also the black belt open class division.

I ended up losing both my matches on points. In my weight category I lost 9-2 and in the open class i lost 7-2. It’s not like I am satisfied with the results as I don’t really compete to lose but overall I am positive looking back at the results as I fought two very competitive guys who is much younger than me and with a much stronger competition game. It was some good matches for sure and you can watch both of them right here! 🙂

Weight division:

Open class against Winson Ramos.

Added a new page to my blog

I just added a new page to my blog which is the “Where do I teach?” page. Here you can find more information about all the places I visit to teach and help with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs.

I will be opening my own academy in the new year in my home city of Helsingør, Denmark. The school will be called BJJ3000 and you can check out the website here –

To find out the different places I teach around the world then click here or use the menu in the top of the page.