3 WEEK TO GO + EURO2012 Footage!

Today Wednesday 27th there is exactly 3 weeks til I board the the airplane together with my good friend and training parther Anders Rosendal. We’re flying to San Jose to spend some time training with Caio Terra and Samir Chante, Anders will be in San Jose 3 weeks and I will be there for 8-10 days. It’s gonna be super awesome! I’m also already getting excited about the Las Vegas International Open which will also serve as my first tournament as a black belt.

As I wrote in my previous entry I will be sharing some tournament footage and other hopefully cool Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu related experiences.
First thing i’d like to share is some footage from the European Open Championship 2012 where I got first place and a gold medal in the -76 kg Brown Belter Master Division. Overall I had 4 matches with 1 submission.

I also competed in the 2010 and 2011 European Open without any noteworthy success, although I had the opportunity to fight Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros in the brown/black belt +76 kg team championship in which I fought for the Danish team. A pretty awesome experience. Check out the fight below.

Michael Pedersen x Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros / EOBJJ 2011 – Team Championship (the video is private so for now you have to see it on youtube).

Now to the footage from the European Championship 2012. This is my first fight and looking back this was definitely my hardest fight since my opponent kept looking for the deep half guard which I blocked with a lot of weight and shoulder pressure. I’m not a fan of the deep half guard from the bottom but I enjoy passing from the top half guard with a tight control on my opponents face and upper body. Going in to the fight my gameplan was to look for the takedown and get the top position, luckily my opponent decided to pull guard 🙂

My second match was not so challenging. My opponent had a bye in his first fight and didn’t get a chance to get into rhythm I guess. Again my opponent pulled guard and that allowed me to follow my strategy, get the top position, pass the guard, mount and choke.

In my third fight, also the semifinal, my opponent again decided to pull guard which allowed me to do my top game again. Although this match was much harder than the previous, I felt I was in pretty good control of the pace and I score a guard pass in the beginning which definitely helped me relax, and the match time in the master division is only 6 minutes.

In the final it was the first time I really got in trouble as my opponent decided to pull guard but this time and he put me in a omaplata that I defended and from there I’ll just let you see the fight.

I actually started a video project a few months ago about Me and Ander’s trip to the EURO 2012, but somehow I never managed to get it done. The last thing in I actually need is a good intro song and to do some fine editing. Then the video is done.. Let’s see when I find the time to get it done.

That’s it for now. I hope whoever reads will enjoy reading and watching the videos.

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  1. A good read. Would be nice if you could descripe a little more about how these expiriences build friendships and add positive qualities to your person/life.

  2. Thanks for the comment Asbjørn. As soon as I get the video of my black belt promotion I will for sure make a blog post about my personal experience in BJJ and the positive changes it brought to my life 🙂

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