Competed at British Open 2015 this weekend

This weekend I fought in the British Open 2015 in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu side by side with my students and friends from North Wales Martial Arts Center in Rhyl and although we didnt win any gold medals, it was a great experience to hang out and see some great Jiu-Jitsu that hopefully inspired and motivated the guys from NWMA. There’s not much quality Jiu-Jitsu in Rhyl and the North Wales area where the NWMA academy is located and there is definitely a lack of black belts in the area also. In fact there isn’t any higher ranked guys around (brown and black belts) and I’m told that Rhyl and the surrounding areas is probably one of the poorest areas in Wales and Brittain in general, so its great to come here and teach both kids and adults the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I truly believe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be a lifesaver, as it was for myself, for anyone who trains and adopts the positive mindset and problem solving attitude that is one of the awesome side-effects of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Unfortunately Jiu-Jitsu has also become more a way of making money for some people around here than it is to actually live and feel the lifestyle and have a true and honest pursuit for perfecting the technique and also teaching the true values of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There’s obviously also lots good people around here who do train and practices the art.

Mmpbjj open class opponent

So that is my goal in North Wales, to teach and show what i feel is the pure Jiu-Jitsu, and competing in the British Open is a way of showing the group at NWMA that winning or losing a tournament is not what defines you as a person, it is a way to learn more about yourself and how you react to the nerves, the adrenaline and the stress that kicks in. And I want to show that the effort you put in and the mindset in which you prepare and train yourself is what defines you. And losing is not something to be afraid of, everybody loses, especially in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament where 50% of the competitors lose their first fight. I lost both my matches this weekend but that doesn’t stop me because as I wrote, losing doesn’t define me or who I am or what I preach.  In sharp contrast to a instructor in the area who signs up to the tournaments but never shows up. The stories I  hear about this guy is just amazing and I definitely want to show that that’s not the way things work in Brazilian Jiu and in life in general.

So hopefully my friends and family is proud of me no matter what the outcome is. In the end is just a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, it’s not life or death. You have to embrace the nerves, the adrenaline and always try to make it into something positive. Obviously I know competing is not for everyone, so this is more a mindset for those who sign up. I’m not talking about winning the world championship but if you sign up and you talk the talk you have to walk the walk, win or lose doesn’t matter. Doing your best and trying is what matters. Again, win or loose we’re still back on the mats the week after to improve and correct our mistakes both as a person, as an instructor, as a Jiu-Jitsu competitor or whatever it is we decide to do or to be.

MMPBJJ British Open podium

Here’s my two fights from the weekend at the British Open in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I competed in the black belt master 1 lightweight division. First fight is from my weight class and the second one from the open class. Basically my mindset when i compete is to be aggressive, go for the submission and let my Jiu-Jitsu flow. Which I feel like I accomplished pretty well, even though i lost both my fights. I’ll be back competing again soon, this time side by side with my teammates and friends from ArteSuave and of course my students , kids and adults, from my classes at Fightworld.

Chillin at the IBJJF European Open Championship in Portugal

Alright, I’m in Lisbon, Portugal for the IBJJF European Open Championship in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and here’s a blog post inspired by a simple question asked by my friend Asbjørn on Facebook , and the simple question was none other than “Hey Michael, will you be blogging from your trip?”. My first reaction was “Hmmm, No” as I really want to focus all my energy on the competition tomorrow. The more I thought about it I changed my mind and decided to write up a blog post from my trip this year. And here it is, just continue reading below! 🙂

On a personal level I have to say that I feel pretty amazing as my life and attitude has changed positively the last few years, especially after I went through a break up with my now ex girlfriend and also left the BJJ academy,that I’ve been training at for more than 10 years. I feel stronger both mentally and physically as I also started practicing yoga and meditation on a more serious level which I hope will at the same time give me a huge boost in tomorrows competition.
I will try to write more about my yoga and meditation experience in a different blog post. All I can do is recommend yoga to everyone. Go enlighten yourself and feel a different type of consciousness connecting and finding the balance within your body, mind and soul.

Now about the competition tomorrow I am not worried or nervous in any way. I look so much forward to step on the mat and compete in the Black Belt Master 1 featherweight division. Previous year I competed as a lightweight and I always weighted in like 5-6 kilos under the maximum limit which will not be the case this year. I will be on the -70kg limit precisely. I have been eating healthy and training a lot of Jiu-Jitsu with all the amazing training partners at ArteSuave. To mention a few Josh, Marco, Mads, Frej, Salar, Shanti, Janni, Ida, Shimon, Anders, Kyle and all the other great people at the academy. And of course with all my students at the FightWorld academy in Valby.
It’s a great honor to represent both my students and ArteSuave / CheckMat.

I also look forward to meet old friends I haven’t talked to in a long time. I know my friends Espen and Tommy from Noway will be there competing for the gold medal in the Purple Belt weight and open class divisions, and of course my friend Dominique from Switzerland and also Dadi, Halldor, Olaf and all my friends from VBC Checktmat in Iceland.


Now it’s 10pm in Portugal and I’m getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow it’s competition time! Time to focus on putting in an awesome performance or go home early 🙂

Just to remind myself, here’s some things I’d like to write about in later blog post.

Teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for kids (Graduation day for my kids class, bring a friend day)
My goals for 2015 (Increase student base, improve website, write more blog posts etc.)
Teaching Jiu-Jitsu in North Wales
Positive Thinking
Russel Brand – Revolution

Thanks for reading! Stay positive and keep it playful!


New sponsor –

I’m happy to announce that I reached an agreement with for a sponsorship deal where they supply me with quality gi’s for my everyday training and also a really cool CHECKMAT competition gi. is one of Denmark’s biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts merchandise brands. They sponsor some of Denmark’s most experienced competitors like MMA fighter Joachim Christensen, young up and coming Jiu-Jitsu competitors like Joshua Aman Manczak who’s a blue belt from ArteSuave in Copenhagen and also Espen Mathiesen a blue belt from Nova Uniao in Norway. Besides these they also sponsor Tommy Gustav Karlsson a brown belt from Dynamix in Sweden, he recently won the gold medal at the European Championship in Lisbon, Portugal.

Small gallery with some Mokahardware pictures

I’d definitely recommend everyone to go check out’s webshop and check out some of their stuff. Just click here and you will be redirected to their webshop.

IBJJF Rome International Open & European Open No-GI

Although the Rome International Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship and the European Open Championship No-Gi took place last year on 29-30th of June 2013, I never had the chance to write an article about it and it was also my first chance to represent my new sponsor

First day of the championship was Saturday and this was the Rome Open (with gi). I fought in the first match of the Black Belt Master lightweight division and since we where only 3 competitors that meant I had two chances to reach the final. My first match which was also the semifinal I lost to a really game opponent from the UK and he managed to win on a ref decision after a 4-4 (1-1) score. First time i ended up in a 50/50 position in a tournament also. In my second match which was also the semifinal I lost 2-0 on a sweep. A bit dissapointed in the overall result as both matches could have gone my way had I insisted and pushed forward. So after two hard fought matches that I lost I ended up winning a Bronze medal.

On the second day of the championship it was the European Open No-Gi and again we were only 3 people in my weight which mean two semifinals as I was set to go in the first match, which I ended up winning 9-0 putting me in the final where I lost to a really good guy from Brazil who beat me 10-0. So a silver medal in the European Open No-Gi Championship.


mokahardware-podium nogi-podium