Swedish Open 2016 – Weight and open class matches

I went to the Swedish BJJ Open in Stenungsund and had some really good matches. I won gold in my weight class after finishing my first opponent with a kimura lock and then winning the final match 23-3. I fought in the -76kg Black Belt master 1 division.

Then I fought in the open class where I won my round of 16 match by a triangle. I managed to escape a tight triangle and armbar attempt from my opponent and then ended up catching my opponent in a triangle. I fought a +100kg guy in the quarterfinal and lost 3-2. Many people congratulated me after the match said it was one of the best matches of the tournament which is a good feeling. Personally I feel really good about my performance and was a bit bummed out that I didn’t manged to beat the big guy.

Check out the open class matches here:

Round of 16 vs Johannes Anderson

Quarterfinal vs Thomas Johannessen from Frontline Academy

IBJJF European Championship 2016

Earlier this year I fought in the IBJJF European Championships in Lisbon, Portugal. I competed in the Black Belt Master 1 Featherweight division and ended up making it to the semifinals where I lost on a referee decision after a score of 4-4. Kinda sucks but that just how it goes 🙂


First Match

Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!

Second Match

What the hell happened, the guy just gave me his back?


Referee decision is always a bummer!

Competed at the Swedish Open 2015

I competed in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Swedish Open this last November where I fought in the -76kg adult black belt division and also the black belt open class division.

I ended up losing both my matches on points. In my weight category I lost 9-2 and in the open class i lost 7-2. It’s not like I am satisfied with the results as I don’t really compete to lose but overall I am positive looking back at the results as I fought two very competitive guys who is much younger than me and with a much stronger competition game. It was some good matches for sure and you can watch both of them right here! 🙂

Weight division:

Open class against Winson Ramos.

Brown belt matches from Helsingborg Open 2010, Swedish Open 2010, Nordic Open 2010 and Danish Open 2010

Here’s some old matches where I fought in the Helsingborg Open 2010, Swedish Open 2010, Nordic Open 2010 and Danish Open 2010 as a brown belt. It’s always nice to look back and then look at the present to see how your Jiu-Jitsu has progressed.

European Championship 2010

I remember having a period as a purple belt where I really disliked competing as I felt a lot of pressure and expectations on my shoulders and just feeling like the input I was getting was having a negative effect on my mental state. I just couldn’t cope with the idea that I had to perform to other peoples expectations so I didn’t really have many matches as a purple belt. I started competing again as a brown belt as that is where I somehow started to feel more comfortable and confident in my Jiu-Jitsu and also started not worrying with the expectations that I felt other people had in me. I was also in a bad mental state and had some bad habits outside of Jiu-Jitsu which really made me not live up to the potential that I probably had as I was more concerned with finding excuses as to why I didn’t need to train hard. I didn’t start Jiu-Jitsu to win gold medals or to become famous or anything like that. I lacked confidence and self-esteem and it become much more clear to me as a brown belt that only one persons expectations really mattered and that was the ones I put on myself. So I started to compete more and had quite a lot of success in the Scandinavian scene and won quite a lot of tournaments as a brown belt which all culminated when I won the IBJJF European Championship in Lisbon, Portugal, in the -76kg brown belt master division in 2012. All the matches can be found here on my blog or on my YouTube channel. Just scroll down and you will see 🙂

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It’s clear to see in these matches that I have a very tight style with a lot of pressure passing. I don’t open up to much and don’t do any advanced moves. I stick to the basics and try to make them work.

Check the matches out here!

Helsingborg Open 2010 – Semifinal in the -76 kg brown belt division.

Helsingborg Open 2010 – Final in the -76 kg brown belt division.


Swedish Open 2010 – Quarterfinal in the -76kg brown belt division.

Swedish Open 2010 – Semifinal in the -76kg brown belt division.

Swedish Open 2010 – Final in the -76kg brown belt division.


Nordic Open 2010 – Semifinal in the -76k brown belt division.

Same match with a different perspective.


Nordic Open 2010 – Semifinal in the -76k brown belt division.

Same match with a different perspective.


Danish Open 2010 vs a black belt in the Brown/Black belt open class. It’s fair to say I got smashed pretty good.