Rolling session – BJJ Purple belt vs Judo Black Belt

A +20 minute rolling session between my twin brother Morten Maarup Pedersen as a purple belt vs a +100kg Judo Black Belt. This is from a seminar at a Judo school in Copenhagen, Denmark many years ago. Really cool to see my brothers old sparring sessions. This was a tough and long round and I’m happy we have it on video.

Check it out:


Rickson Gracie interview, techniques, and more!

Recently Rickson Gracie has been on a interview tour to different Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu podcast like InsideBJJ, The Joe Rogan Experience, This Week in BJJ by BudoVideos and many more. The reason for all these interviews is the new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation founded by Rickson, which I personally think is fantastic. The fact that all these old school guys is coming together to do something positive for Jiu-Jitsu is absolutely amazing and I really hope that something positive comes of it and that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be stronger and more united in the future. I feel there is a need for a federation that is not driven by making a profit. A federation should be there for the community, as Rickson says, to serve, to educate and to support. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is so much more than competing at a tournament and winning gold medals. The confidence you gain from having the knowledge to protect yourself and the little details in every position that will give you an edge or advantage, against a much bigger and stronger opponent, is priceless.
Not everyone is born to be a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools should in my opinion have the option of accommodating those who want to learn the art of self-defense, which is a whole other mindset and application of the techniques, than it is going to a tournament. If you as an instructor do not know or can not teach the self-defense program I can only recommend that you learn it. Well, maybe it’s just me that is crazy as hell as I really believe everyone should learn the fundamentals of the Grace Jiu-Jitsu self-defense program.

For me Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has always been about empowering people to become confident enough to be able to protect themselves in any type of situation and being able to find comfort in the most uncomfortable positions and efficient solutions to any type of problem.

Here I’ll post some of the most interesting interviews with Rickson over the last few weeks.

Rickson Gracie on The Joe Rogan Experience

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