UFC 149 and Chilling in San Jose with Dominik!

Okay, so I’m back again with another blog post from San Jose, California. I will try to summarize the last few days, actually just our weekend now that I’ve finished writing it. I will save the last few days for the next blog post 🙂

We’ve meet a lot of cool people on the mat and gotten the chance to hang out with them as well, its just been a really great time here so far!

This past weekend we had a plan of going to the beach Saturday in Santa Cruz which we were told is an awesome surf spot and a really nice beach and Sunday our plan was to go to San Francisco to check out out the city as its only located like 45 minutes drive from San Jose (without traffic jams), but it turned out to be a completely different weekend than what we had planned.
Saturday we started out with the morning class training at Caio’s academy which was, as always, drilling a few techniques and a lot of sparring. After the class we went to something called Jamba Juice which has become our regular place to visit after each training, as they serve some absolutely amazing and HUGE acai smoothies. There’s just nothing better after a hard summer training than getting a big delicious smoothie and the menu at Jamba Juice is much more than just an acai smoothie. You can get whatever you like with the classics fruits like strawberries, bananas, rasberry, peach, lime, oranges, passionfruit, mango, pineapple, blue berries and it goes on. To give you an idea here’s some of the names of the smoothies, Caribbean Passion – Aloha Pineapple – Peach Pleasure – Strawberries Wild – Strawberry Surf Rider – The Protein Berry Workout – Acai Super-Antioxidant. 
It’s just super nice and healthy stuff just the way I like it. I’m in love with Jamba Juice! 🙂
Anyways, we went to Jamba Juice with Jeff who is a Black Belt and just an all around genuinely nice and super cool guy who lives here in San Jose and Dominik who is a blue belt from Switzerland, who’s been spending a lot of his last time in San Jose with me and Anders giving us tips about the restaurants and other good information, and also he’s just a super cool guy that we also have plans of hooking up with at the London Open later this year and the European Open next year. 
Our plan was to get some smoothies and hit the road towards Santa Cruz beach, but after hitting a traffic jam towards Santa Cruz we decided it wasn’t worth going there and instead Jeff invited us to his house to see the UFC149 which was a super nice gesture that we obviously accepted, so we went to Jeff’s house which is, to put it lightly, f******* amazing! He had the biggest kitchen ever and plenty of space for all of us in his living room and probably enough space for the whole academy to live 🙂
So we spent the whole evening at Jeff’s having a kickass barbecue and homemade salad while watching UFC 149. Unfortunately it was super boring so I wont even get into the event itself, you’ll just have to check out for yourself. But thanks to Jeff for the hospitality! So awesome, and did I mention he has 45 square meter of mat in his basement? Yea, so sick!
Here’s a picture of me preparing the salad and us watching the UFC. An awesome evening at Jeff’s house!

On Sunday the plan was as I wrote above to drive to San Francisco, Me Anders and Dominik, but after the morning training at Caio’s academy both me and Dominik was feeling too wasted to go there so instead me and Anders decided to check out downtown San Jose and found a pretty cool Chinese restaurant which served some really awesome food. The most noteable about this place was the fortune cookies we received afterwards. At first I was a bit skeptical because I don’t really believe in stuff like this and that it could actually tell anything about my future or any nonsense like that, but I have to say that after we opened each our own I’m starting to think there’s actually something to it, as both fortunes actually told something that was very true. Let me just say that Anders at time does come across of being a bit lost at times, ment in an positive and nice way 🙂 heheh… He doesn’t remember anything about the places we’ve been and without me and the GPS in the car I really think he would be completely lost in this city, hehe! As I, without giving myself too much credit, always know where I am, have been and where I want to go, I make sure to take notes of important buildings and signs and other stuff… I just take notice of stuff like this.

Take a look what our fortune cookies had to tell us. Anders is the top one i’m the bottom one. So freaking amazing and in many ways so true! 🙂  Sorry Anders, i know your reading this.. I still like you a lot and I’m having an awesome time with you here in San Jose! <3

After our early trip to downtown San Jose we decided to hook up with Dominik in the evening going for some Sushi at a nice little Japanese restaurant that Dominik recommended, and after that our plan was to go the cinema and watch a movie and just chill around a bit. Although we didnt get to watch a movie we had the chance to walk around this really nice and cool area with tons of cool shops and restaurants and people driving around their fancy cars thinking their all cool, which they probably are. We had a really nice frozen yogurt with lots of fresh fruits. It was probably the best yogurt I’ve ever had to be honest! Here’s some pictures from our trip to the area of San Jose where the “cool” people hang out 🙂

Now it’s getting late and its way over way over midnight Tuesday, actually its Wednesday. I’m really excited about tomorrow as my girlfriend Sabine will be arriving from Denmark, she will spend the next 3 weeks with me checking out and training in California. I’ve been missing her a lot so it will be so awesome having her here! I’m really happy she enjoys training just as much as me, if not more for those who knows 🙂  It will be amazing to share all these cool experiences with her! 
My next blog post will be about the black belt competition training that we went to the other day and Dominik’s last day here in US. It’s so sad that he’s leaving, but his visa expired and he’ll be leaving Wednesday afternoon. He’s been a great help and really made our stay here much more pleasant and convenient. My blog post will also be about our visit to Buffalo Wild Wings where we celebrated Dominiks last day in the US.
Again, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I really hope it’s worth reading. I know there hasn’t been much Jiu-Jitsu in my blog yet, but so far there has not been much Jiu-Jitsu to write about as it’s been more about the great people we’ve met over here, just by being on the mat at Caio Terras academy and we’ve only had one black belt competition training so far. But tomorrow Wednesday (which it is already) I will go to another black belt training at 15.00, before I have to leave to the airport to pick up Sabine.
So to everyone reading, take good care of yourself, eat health and train some Jiu-Jitsu PORRA!
See you on the mat!

California love, The Cheesecake Factory and first training session.

So I finally arrived in San Jose together with my good friend and training partner Anders. We had a pretty good but also very long (24 hours) and uncomfortable trip that saw us stopping over in Amsterdam and Seattle before landing in San Jose International Airport. After arriving, the first thing we did was to go get our rental car which is a pretty awesome Ford Fusion with all the equipment you can imagine, and to use Rener Gracie’s expression, DAAANG, the car drives like a dream… I can’t wait to hit the streets of California in this baby that’s for sure! Here’s a picture 🙂

After settling down in the hotel and getting some decent food, although the food we got in the plane was surprisingly good, we decided to go visit Samir Chantre’s academy which is located 5 minutes from our hotel. After meeting Samir I can say that he’s comes of as an extremely cool guy and I’m looking forward to get the chance to train with him.
Samir invited us to go eat with him, Caio Terra and their good friend Vitor, who is a brown belt and also trains at Caio’s academy. We went to The Cheesecake Factory which is an absolutely awesome and yet disgusting place all together. Whatever you order you can be sure is like 50% cheese.
I ordered a Chicken menu with mashed potatoes which was actually some chicken with a huge peace of melted cheese on top and the mashed potatoes must have been 50/50 with potatoes and cheese…  I have a small battle inside if this was actually disgusting or extremely awesome 🙂 I do like cheese but it can get too much. And another thing, the plate servings was HUGE! My stomach was feeling really bad afterwards. That said it was cool to meet Samir, Caio and Vitor whom Anders and I will be training with for the next 8-10 days.
Anyways, after The Cheesecake Factory we decided to just go back to our hotel and sleep as it was getting late and we had been travelling for 24 hours and I dont think I had a decent rest for well over 30 hours.
Here’s a picture from The Cheesecake Factory. I apologize for the bad quality 🙂 Later on Caio’s son and girlfriend and her sister joined us. Was a good ending to a long day!
After a not so good night of sleep we woke up Thursday morning feeling the jet lag and difference in time zones, meaning we did not get much sleep 🙂
We decided to hit the streets of San Jose to check out the area and visit some different shopping malls. We went to Target which is a HUGE super market with everything you can imagine and after that we went to BEST BUY which is a electronics store. I really want to buy a video camera here but it’s not really as cheap as I had hoped and the selection at BEST BUY was not what I had hoped. Basically the same as in Denmark.
After checking out San Jose for a while we went to the first training session of our trip at Caio Terra’s academy, Institute of Martial Arts, which was lead by one his friends/training partners, a black belt called Flavio. A super cool guy that I got the chance to roll with at the end of the class. Unfortunately I somehow busted my chin so it started bleeding pretty bad so I had to sit out for some of the class 🙁 very bad luck. As this was our first training session we spend a lot of time shaking hands and talking to the students and they are definitely a really cool and down to earth group of guys and girls, they are all super friendly and really this is just the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mentality. It doesnt matter where in the world you decide to train, Jiu-Jitsu is an international language that if you speak it and you have a humble and ego-less approach, you will basically fit in in’ any academy in the world and it was the same at Caio’s Academy. It was just an awesome feeling finally putting on the gi and training 🙂
After the training it was just straight home to relax and going to bed early as we/I still feel the jetlag and difference in time zones.
I will try to get some pictures from the academy today (friday 20th) with some of the guys. Caio will be away on seminar for the weekend and won’t be back before Monday.
We also decided to check out downtown San Jose today and tomorrow (Saturday) we will drive to San Francisco and see what that is all about!
Before I close this blog post I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read my blog, i hope you enjoy it! Feedback is more than welcome in the comments section. Any feedback is appreciated, good or bad!
You can also follow me on twitter @MMPBJJ or youtube where I will be posting videos. My username is MMPBJJ 🙂

Less than two weeks to go + Nordic Open 2012 footage!

Okay, so in less than two weeks I’ll be in San Jose training with Caio Terra and Samir Chante which I’m starting to be really excited about as I have no idea what to expect from these two guys. I’ve seen plenty of footage of both of them and they are obviously awesome competitors and in my opinion they both have a sick game.. It will be awesome to learn from two lighter guys and to be honest I will be happy to learn more about the berimbolo and the other fancy guards that the high level guys are using now.

I’m trying to play around with it in class but to be honest I dont master the berimbolo or the inverted De La Riva all to good so will be nice to have it explained and to hear their views of how to defend it. I have been checking out some videos on youtube and so far the only counter to the berimbolo that I found usefull is this technique, taught by Carlos Holanda. I havent tried it with bigger guys or generally guys that are much better than me as that’s something I really miss in my everyday training.

Personally I have always been a fan of basic Jiu-Jitsu and the way the Gracie Family would teach and practise it, as that was really the skills I felt I needed to learn when I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. That said I have always been a fan of sports BJJ and I’m a regular buyer of pan-ams and mundial streams from budovideos whenever they offer it.
With two week to go I’m also still very much in doubt where to train in San Diego as the city has so many good BJJ academies. So far I’m thinking about having my base at either BJJRevolution team or with Andre Galvao and from there I’d visit a few different academies in the area. As I’m arriving on the 1st of august I really want to have a good place to train in the 10 days leading up to the Las Vegas International Open (11th of August).
Besides finding a place to prepare for the tournament I’d like to see if I get the chance to visit Saulo Ribeiro, Fabio Santos, The Undisputed gym and perhaps a few other places if time allows it.


Back in March my girlfriend and I went to Stockholm to compete at the Nordic Open Championship 2012 and with good success. My girlfriend already posted about her experience at her own blog, cick here to read – Juvlai BLOG.
My own experience at the tournament was good and I think I fought quite good although I did end up in some positions I should have avoided. I only had two fights and the first one is the semifinal where I fought a guy I had fought before and won against. He had a tricky game and from our first encounter I knew he was good but also if I fought with patience and using basics and not trying anything fance I could and should win again.
Here is first fight, semifinal in the -76 kg. brown belt division.
In the final I met a guy I never heard about but the word around the competition area was that he liked to squeeze or crank leg locks hard and hurt his opponent. It did get a little heated during the fight as I felt he started to get annoyed quite fast and was kinda trying to headbutt me so at one point I looked him in the eyes and told him something like “Okay man, let’s go then!”.. not that I’m really proud of it, I also had to appologize to the ref afterwards. Anyways, I ended up pulling to closed guard and going for a move I learned from Roger Gracie and it ended up working quite good, although I made a huge mistake that is actually still giving me pain in my foot sometimes, and I was even warned about it 🙂
Final fight in -76 kg. brown belt 

Training at FIGHTZONE.SE in Malmø

Wednesday 4th of July I went to visit some friends of mine at Fightzone in Malmø, Sweden. They have an super cool academy with plenty of mat space and a big and good group of guys to go along with it. We did some warmup and some cool drills before we went into 5 * 10 minutes of relaxed and slow rolling which is pretty nice although I do prefer the hardcore sparring, but I am well aware that’s not possible 5-6 times a week so this is a really nice approach that I rarely get to do.
Here’s a group picture. So thanks to Stephan, Gabriel, Richard, Toni and all the other guys!

3 WEEK TO GO + EURO2012 Footage!

Today Wednesday 27th there is exactly 3 weeks til I board the the airplane together with my good friend and training parther Anders Rosendal. We’re flying to San Jose to spend some time training with Caio Terra and Samir Chante, Anders will be in San Jose 3 weeks and I will be there for 8-10 days. It’s gonna be super awesome! I’m also already getting excited about the Las Vegas International Open which will also serve as my first tournament as a black belt.

As I wrote in my previous entry I will be sharing some tournament footage and other hopefully cool Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu related experiences.
First thing i’d like to share is some footage from the European Open Championship 2012 where I got first place and a gold medal in the -76 kg Brown Belter Master Division. Overall I had 4 matches with 1 submission.

I also competed in the 2010 and 2011 European Open without any noteworthy success, although I had the opportunity to fight Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros in the brown/black belt +76 kg team championship in which I fought for the Danish team. A pretty awesome experience. Check out the fight below.

Michael Pedersen x Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros / EOBJJ 2011 – Team Championship (the video is private so for now you have to see it on youtube).

Now to the footage from the European Championship 2012. This is my first fight and looking back this was definitely my hardest fight since my opponent kept looking for the deep half guard which I blocked with a lot of weight and shoulder pressure. I’m not a fan of the deep half guard from the bottom but I enjoy passing from the top half guard with a tight control on my opponents face and upper body. Going in to the fight my gameplan was to look for the takedown and get the top position, luckily my opponent decided to pull guard 🙂

My second match was not so challenging. My opponent had a bye in his first fight and didn’t get a chance to get into rhythm I guess. Again my opponent pulled guard and that allowed me to follow my strategy, get the top position, pass the guard, mount and choke.

In my third fight, also the semifinal, my opponent again decided to pull guard which allowed me to do my top game again. Although this match was much harder than the previous, I felt I was in pretty good control of the pace and I score a guard pass in the beginning which definitely helped me relax, and the match time in the master division is only 6 minutes.

In the final it was the first time I really got in trouble as my opponent decided to pull guard but this time and he put me in a omaplata that I defended and from there I’ll just let you see the fight.

I actually started a video project a few months ago about Me and Ander’s trip to the EURO 2012, but somehow I never managed to get it done. The last thing in I actually need is a good intro song and to do some fine editing. Then the video is done.. Let’s see when I find the time to get it done.

That’s it for now. I hope whoever reads will enjoy reading and watching the videos.

First blog post, YAY! Going to California!!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog which main focus will be about travelling the world training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and eating a lot of good and healthy foods!  🙂

The first trip I will be making goes California, USA on the 18th of July 2012 and I will be going for 4 weeks together with my girlfriend Sabine. The idea is to document the experience with daily updates on my blog for myself and everyone else to read. Hopefully I will get to train Jiu-Jitsu in a lot of cool academies around San Jose and San Diego where I will be staying on my trip. To top it off I will be competing at Las Vegas International Open on the 11th of August in Las Vegas.
About myself:

My name is Michael and I’m from Helsingør in Denmark. For thoose who have no clue where that is we have a cool castle called Kronborg where the history of Hamlet(Shakespeare) took place which is probably the only thing we’re famous for. 
I’m a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and I train and teach at CHOKE Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Copenhagen (CHOKE ACADEMY) and I’ve been training Jiu-Jitsu for 9 ½ years under my professor Joao Pedro Dos Santos. 
My lineage, which I’m honored and proud of, goes like this – Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie Sr. > Sergio “Bolao” Souza > Joao Pedro dos Santos > Me
Here is a picture of me and my professor.

About the blog:

As I wrote above the blog will be about training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu around the world and meeting awesome and like minded people who also share my passion about Jiu-Jitsu. 
Since I still have 3-4 weeks before I leave for California I will, in the meantime, post some stories and experiences about previous trips that I’ve had and also post some tournament footage from previous tournaments. Atleast that’s the idea for now.

About the trip:

I will be leaving on the 18th of July together with my good friend and training partner Anders (brown belt) who actually came up with the idea of going to California in the first place, as he is a feather weight he planned a trip to San Jose to train with Ciao Terra and Samir Chanter, whom we will be training with for the first 8-10 days of our trip.
On the 25th of July my girlfriend will arrive in San Jose and we will take the long drive from San Jose to San Diego where we will train for two weeks, the first week with Royler Gracie at www.thegraciesandiego.com and Saulo Ribeiro at University of Jiu-Jitsu.
The second week which will lead up to the Las Vegas International Open we will try to visit a few different academies in search for some awesome Jiu-Jitsu training. So far one of the places i looked at and was advised to visit will be The Undisputed gym where Baret Yoshida teaches.

Thats it for now.

Next post will probably contain some tournament footage and some funny stories from previous visits to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Thanks for reading.

Also thanks to my sponsor Ascendfys.