Swedish Open 2016 – Weight and open class matches

I went to the Swedish BJJ Open in Stenungsund and had some really good matches. I won gold in my weight class after finishing my first opponent with a kimura lock and then winning the final match 23-3. I fought in the -76kg Black Belt master 1 division.

Then I fought in the open class where I won my round of 16 match by a triangle. I managed to escape a tight triangle and armbar attempt from my opponent and then ended up catching my opponent in a triangle. I fought a +100kg guy in the quarterfinal and lost 3-2. Many people congratulated me after the match said it was one of the best matches of the tournament which is a good feeling. Personally I feel really good about my performance and was a bit bummed out that I didn’t manged to beat the big guy.

Check out the open class matches here:

Round of 16 vs Johannes Anderson

Quarterfinal vs Thomas Johannessen from Frontline Academy

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